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Hi, and welcome to Cascade Subscription Service. The fact that you took the time to pause your busy day to stop by our publisher page means that you’re truly interested in finding a long term solution to your new paid circulation challenges. Well rest assured, you’ve come to the right place! With over 25 years of experience working with publishers of all sizes such as McGraw-Hill, Creative Age Publications, BNP Media and more, Cascade can find the right solution for you! We are not just a call center that sells everything. We only market for new paid trade publications, nothing else. So we actually know how to custom tailor campaigns to our clients specific market conditions and circulation needs; all at zero cost to you! That’s right, we do all the work acquiring the new paid subscribers from sales to billing to customer service and all you have to do is fulfill the orders like you normally would. How can we do this? Well besides years of refining our technique its very simple, we’ve created a turnkey marketing system that actively markets your title for you. For example: If you need two hundred new paid subscribers right before an audit we will plan with you down to the last detail to make sure that need is filled on time. This way you maximize circulation efficiency and reduce or eliminate any over-circulation waste. This is just but one example how publishers take advantage of our business model to control their circulation numbers. It’s really that simple! : So If you want a few dozen new paid subscribers a month or a few thousand, we can scale your project to meet your needs no matter how great or small. And the good news is we can do it again, and again and again all without any charge to you! We work together with our clients as partners to find out what will work best for their particular situation and then move forward to help them achieve their goals. So when you’re ready for our “No-Obligation Mini-Test” just send us an email and we’ll contact you to review the market and then we’ll move from there. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Teresa Miller
Sr. Publisher Relations
206-229-1974 direct
206-523-3500 ext 24 Office

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